“Inspirational, compelling, and heartwarming, Rivers Wanted is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and compassion. A must read for anyone asking the question: Does God still talk to us today?”

– L.C. Shaw, author of The Network

“I just finished Rivers Wanted! Your book was a gift from a friend who knows you. Thank you for so many things. First, your story of overcoming hardship and persevering through PTSD after your son’s near death experience has helped me in deciding to seek help for something very similar that has tormented me for years. Secondly, I want to hear God like you and dream dreams and have a few visions. You have challenged me to start the conversations with Him. I am hoping that a renewed relationship will do this. Thank you for all of your honesty. What an incredible ministry this will be. I wish for you all success.”

– Chris

“I have just finished this book and will now go back and read it again. The author shares personal stories of her early years and their affect on her relationship with God. Throughout the book the reader can see how God pursued her and personally revealed his great love for her (and for us). The Lord has revealed amazing things to her through dreams and visions. And they are AMAZING. She includes questions and verses to ponder at the end of each chapter, as well as words of encouragement for the reader. I encourage others to read this book and be blessed.”

– Ron Hall

“The author describes the challenges in her life and describes how God revealed that he was always with her and walked with her through all her trials. The Lord revealed himself to Rivers a number of times with revelation and prophetic insight that set her free and that helped her to minister to others. Rivers found herself in God’s appointed places at appointed times when breakthroughs occurred. Throughout the book she describes God’s timing as perfect. I highly recommend reading this book. You will be encouraged to know that God is faithful and we have the victory in Christ whether you feel it or not. “

– Jackie

“I could not put the book down, It is most captivating!! She has detailed visions from God , stories of her travels and her life journey with her husband “The REV as we all call him. It’s truly amazing how God speaks to us in dreams and visions. Clearly God is in control!! I hope that Rivers will continue the journey and share more visions and experiences from the remaining years at service from St Paul’s church. I would love to encourage her to write another book Rivers Wanted II. What do you think?? Love and Light!! “

– Dina

“I loved the personally authentic, challenging story line of “Rivers Wanted”. I read the first 100 pages late the day it arrived and got up early the following morning to finish it before my day began! It is a thought provoking, non-traditional faith building, powerful narrative, written in a fresh, humble and unique style.
Read “Rivers Wanted”, you just may be motivated to begin a new God adventure!”

– Iron